ChinUp Mask: A quick solution to your perfect chin lift.


Beauty Concern before ChinUp Mask

Before ChinUp Mask there was a great vacuum in the beauty market. In spite of all their efforts, fashion and beauty gurus were never able to solve the problem of a double chin.

People always wanted to make a good first impression but they were always let down by the fat under the chin. No matter where they ran into they could never have a perfect chin lift.

“A recent survey showed that 68% of people named excess fat under the chin as their top body concern.” People were searching for a quick and viable option. All the beauty market in the world provided more or less of similar answers.

Solution offered were mainly divided into two categories:

  1. A healthy diet with body and chin exercise:

 It was never a quick solution because it takes months to lose weight. Moreover, it gets more and more difficult to lose chin fat with the growing age.

2)   Surgery and Laser treatment:

      It would take thousands of dollar for the treatment. That is why it was restricted to affluent ones only. Moreover, there is a significant health risk if the treatment is not done by a qualified surgeon.


Why is ChinUp Mask the perfect solution for chin fat removal?

ChinUp Mask was born after 18 months of hard struggle to specifically solve the problem of a double chin. This revolutionary product is a magic bullet as you can get rid of over 2 cm of your double chin in just 30 minutes.

When it comes to chin fat removal; ChinUp Mask is a life saver but it comes without pain, risk or cost. ChinUp Mask has helped people with a double chin to make dramatic turnarounds in their lives for the better.

Get rid of your double chin in 30 minutes with ChinUp Mask, the firming & contouring face mask! [HD, 720p] from on Vimeo.

ChinUp Mask Ingredients:

Vitamin E:

  1. Wipes out toxins from your skin thus preventing the skin from further damage.
  2. Helps in better nutrition absorption from your regular diet. That is why Vitamin E is a natural powerhouse when it comes to skin nourishment.
  3. Boosts the production of collagen, a fiber of protein that is responsible for maintaining skin elasticity. Collagen production will give skin renewed energy, more vitality, and undaunted firmness. As a result, there will be less occurrence of fine lines and wrinkles in your beautiful skin.

CO Enzyme Q10

  1. It is essential for healthy weight loss as it boosts faster metabolism
  2. Metabolism is the process of burning food into energy. Therefore faster metabolism will burn more fat in our body in search of energy

Corum 9235

It gives a warming sensation when applied to the skin. It works on the similar process of breaking down of fat by laser radiation. The warming sensation triggers the fat burning process by activating other ingredients.

Hyaluronic Acid 

It increases the skin ability to bind water. Hyaluronic Acid has such an astonishing power that it can hold up to 1000 times of its weight in water. An abundance of water will naturally inhibit skin from drying. As a result, your skin will sparkle with a natural glow


Skintronics – The Science Behind Chin Up The Revolutionary 30 Minute Non Surgical Facelift [HD, 720p] from on Vimeo.

Can ChinUp Mask provide instant facelift?

Chin fat removal

==>[Before And After…Results from ChinUp Mask, Get Yours Here]

Yes, it does. This face skin tightening mask does not limit itself to chin fat removal only. Its benefit goes way beyond neck fat reduction. It also specializes in skin nourishment and protection.

This natural facelift mask contains powerful antioxidants like Vitamin E and CoEnzyme Q10 which helps to maintain skin firmness. At the same time, Hyaluronic acid serum present in the mask rejuvenates dry and damaged skin as it is responsible for maintaining moisture.

These natural extracts contained in the facelift mask will spark a new life in your skin. That’s why Chin Up mask is the ultimate product for the lower facelift.

How does ChinUp mask help to get rid of double chin?

ChinUp Mask:A quick solution to your chin fat giving you a beautiful chin lift

The manufacturer of the ChinUp mask came up with a special patented formula to remove the fat from chin area. From this formula, a special serum was born and it got the name Skintronics.

Skintronics is the serum which brings together the whole process of chin fat removal by triggering the activation of other useful ingredients.

The process of chin fat removal by ChinUp Mask is more or less similar to that of Laser technology. Both the system uses heat to break down the subdermal fat. Corum 9235 present in this chin lift mask will generate sufficient heat to break down the fat molecules.

However, there is one major difference between the two systems. ChinUp Mask is all natural whereas laser technology is totally artificial.

Metabolism is the only natural process to lose fat. During a heavy workout routine, metabolism process in our body speeds up. Due to increased metabolism, there arises a high demand for energy. To meet the demand our body converts food into energy in quick succession.

However in many case food source is unable to meet the demand. So our body converts fat deposits into energy. CO Enzyme Q10 a natural extract present in this chin lift mask speeds up the metabolism process. Thereby reducing the chin fat without heavy workout regime.

The different enzyme present in the mask works together in tandem to give you a perfect chin lift.

Skin Damage and Healing Process

How does skin lose its elasticity and firmness?

ChinUp Mask: A quick solution to your perfect chin lift.

Skin losing elasticity due to increase in Free Radicals

The process of skin losing its firmness starts during the process of metabolism itself. Metabolism is the vital process in our body where oxygen is used to transform food into energy.

However, metabolism has some drawbacks as well. The process of metabolism can not utilize cent percent of oxygen. 1 to 2 percent of underutilized oxygen is free to escape as free radicals

The portion of underutilized oxygen increases due to toxic substances like fried foods, alcohol, tobacco, pollution etc. Due to increase in underutilized oxygen the portion of free radicals increases within the body.

The main victims of Free Radicals are connective tissue like Collagen and Elastin. They are responsible for maintaining skin strength and elasticity. Free Radicals destroy their part of cells such as proteins, DNA, and cell membrane by stealing their electrons during the process of oxidation.

Skin losing elasticity due to growing age.

As we get older collagen production begins to slow down. From the age of 30, our collagen level drops by 1 to 2 percent every year. We also lose the ability to heal from skin damage. That’s why our skin becomes thinner, diner and less elastic.

How does this ChinUp Mask help in the chin lift without surgery?

Clearing out Free Radicals for skin vitality.

Vitamin E, one of the ingredients in this chin lift mask clears out toxins from the body formed by substances like fried foods, alcohol, pollution, etc. This will inhibit the production of Free Radicals.

There is no need to mention that elimination of Free Radicals is absolutely necessary for skin tightening and skin firming.

Antioxidants as natural skin tightener

This chin lift mask has powerful antidotes for the oxidative process like Vitamin E ( best antioxidant vitamin ) and CO Enzyme Q10.

These antioxidants help to tighten skin by repairing molecules damaged during the oxidative process by donating hydrogen to the molecule.

Moreover, Vitamin E helps in collagen restore by providing nutrition to boost collagen production.

Hyaluronic acid serum for the dry skin treatment

This face skin tightening mask also contains Hyaluronic acid serum which is the best skin moisturizer for dry skin treatment. This serum can easily get into the skin as it has a small molecule. Due to its enormous water holding capacity it prevents our face and neck from dry skin breakouts.


How to use ChinUp Mask?


ChinUp Mask alternatives:


Kybella is a non-surgical injection technique approved by US Food and Drug Administration in 2015.

How does Kybella work?

Usually, 20 to 30 and up to 50 injections of Deoxycholic acid is injected in the targeted area. Kybella uses Deoxycholic acid for the treatment because it helps to destroy the fat cells in the chin area.

Numbers of treatments required:

It varies from person to person. The maximum number of treatment required may reach up to six times. There must be at least one month break between two treatments.

Kybella cost:

One treatment cost between $1200 and $1800. That means total cost may reach up to $10,800.

Kybella Precaution;

Those people who have trouble in swallowing or have an infection in the target area cannot go for Kybella. It cannot be performed on pregnant women also.

You should put your utmost effort to find a good quality surgeon. Injection should be injected precisely in the targeted area.

The reason being Deoxycholic acid may destroy other cells as well in addition to fat cells.


Double Chin exercise

Jaw exercise by chewing gum or mimicking the motion

Doing this exercise regularly will help to strengthen the muscle around the chin.

Massage your neck and jaw area

Massaging your neck and jaw area will help to increase blood flow in the double chin area. Increased blood flow helps to provide nutrition for the production of collagen fiber.

Neckroll and head tilt

This exercise when done regularly will help to strengthen neck and facial muscle


ChinUp Mask FAQs…..

What is the price of ChinUp Mask? Is it expensive?

It is not expensive at all. Price totally justifies the quality. This Chin lift mask has made dramatic turnarounds in people lives with a price as low as GBP 29.95. If you go for Kybella it will cost you up to GBP 8500. Even for the workout routine, you have to spend a substantial amount of cash for the healthy diet and gym fee.

Does ChinUp Mask provide a discount?

I have a special offer for you. Use this coupon code: WGH2TN  to get 5% discount.

Hurry up! This offer will not last long. Grab your Chin Up mask now.

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Does the ChinUp Mask really help to get rid of double chin fast? Is it a scam?

We, humans, tend to doubt each and everything that comes in our way. It is our natural tendency to come to a conclusion about the product without even trying once.

Just give it a try, it does not cost you a fortune. This product has been tried and tested every now and then.

Those people who have tried the product once have all the good things to say about the product.

ChinUp Mask start to produce heat after some time? Am I at risk?

There is no risk at all. You will get used to it after few minutes. If it is impossible for you to survive the heat, please stop. You are in safe hands as this chin lift mask is composed of 100% natural extracts.

Can’t I get rid of chin fat with double chin exercise alone?

It takes a lot of patience and discipline to lose weight. You have to overcome the barrier of punishing diet, painful exercises and glittering wild parties.

Let me throw a statistics to you. “77 percent of Americans are trying to lose weight or avoid gaining weight. Despite their effort, 70 percent of Americans are overweight or obese”

So I would recommend you to combine workout and a healthy diet with ChinUp Mask. If you do that you will reap benefits, you can’t imagine off.

Is ChinUp Mask a one-time solution?

One drawback of this product is that it is not a one-time solution.

That’s why you have to apply it at a regular interval to achieve the desired effect. All the products for the chin lift available now are not a one-time solution. Even liposuction which is considered as a one-time solution cannot be effective if you do not maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Fat will eventually grow.

I would recommend you to use this product at regular interval whose skin has become loose due to the age. Your skin will become tighter and firmer. You will have a good chin lift that everyone will envy off.